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Proven Legal Talent Management and Recruiting

"Talon is the 'go to' firm within the legal profession for direct hire and interim project staffing solutions. Talon is described by its clients as 'professionals whom every lawyer needs to know.'"

- Forbes

What could be more important than hiring, developing and keeping the right people for your law firm or corporate legal department? Your legal talent has a direct impact on client satisfaction and on your bottom line. Talon Performance Group understands the connection between selecting great talent and achieving great business results. Since 1999, we have been a premier recruiting and talent management firm for the legal industry. From our office in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we serve local and national law firms of all sizes, as well as mid-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

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Any recruiting firm can find a warm body to fill a chair. You're looking for more than that. At Talon, we use an exhaustive and proven screening process to make sure that a candidate not only has the specialized skill set you are looking for, but is most importantly, the right fit for your culture. Whether you are looking for a paralegal, an attorney or an executive level professional to lead your marketing or financial operations, we can bring you exceptional candidates in timely and cost-effective manner. We can help you find a full-time permanent legal professional, or find interim project assistance on a full-time or part-time basis.

Do You Need to Develop and Retain Existing Talent?
When you invest in the professional development of your employees, you will see a return on investment. Whether you have a struggling attorney, a high-potential professional, or you personally feel like you have maxed out in your current position, you can trust Talon to provide customized training, coaching and consulting to help individualsLadies Women's Bag Casual Rucksack Shoulder Gold Leather Zipper Closure Travel Pu Backpack Bags Handbag School ww4a7 achieve maximum performance. We also offer unique programs for teams and programs for entire organizationsBlack Mountain Expert Retro Bag Ski Slim And Shoulder SwvRxqv0 that will boost you to a higher level of performance.
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Find Out How We Can Help You
Contact us at Talon Performance Group to find out how we can help you to attract and retain the best legal talent. Call our office at 612.827.5165 or toll free at 877.827.5165.

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